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Common CEO complaint: “Ugh…I just want my existing ERP system to work!!”


We want better information and more timely reports — now — without excuses.

Is the CEO’s magic bullet delivered via a wholesale upgrade of the ERP/accounting system? Often, the answer is NO.

In an emotional moment, it’s easy to suggest that all answers point to throwing out the existing system…

Not so fast… Upgrades can be painful and they often fail. Last month, we illustrated the risks that impact the success of a software upgrade project. Enter: Process and ERP Software OPTIMIZATION.

OPTIMIZATION is the alternative of not upgrading. It is the process of making your existing system most effective for your business. It is often the most efficient and economical path to alleviating the CEO’s complaint above.

Such an exercise includes taking a hard, objective look at the processes in place, the people who execute them and the configuration of your existing software — then determining if an upgrade is even worth considering. Often the answer is NO. Why? Revamping the configuration, training, processes and reporting may be all it takes to make that CEO complaint go away.

Interested in assessing if it’s worth optimizing your existing system rather than replacing it?

We’re here to help objectively, independently, and without bias. We DO NOT sell ERP/accounting software. We DO help our clients evaluate, upgrade, procure, manage and optimize it. Call or e-mail me below. Our team is at the ready.