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We’re back with our monthly thoughts about ERP challenges and successes. In the last few months we’ve shared the risks to avoid with upgrading your ERP, as well as the benefits from considering a Software Optimization exercise (e.g.; keeping what you have but making it better). This month we tackle this common concern expressed by executives:

I’m frustrated. My employees dislike our ERP software so much that they want to toss it out and start over. Is the software really the problem??

It’s certainly easy enough to blame the software product for the inefficiencies your business faces with reporting, transaction processing and the like. However, scores of new prospects that we meet with are well served to consider that perhaps their ERP product isn’t as bad as they think, but that their original implementation vendor did them a disservice by poor configuration.

The success in ERP comes more from the “little things” – like vendors listening to needs, and making sure software can accommodate the most important needs, competently.

Listening to your needs may not have occured when your original implementation vendor did your installation. Sadly, this is a normal problem. Or, perhaps you didn’t offer up enough of a budget or a competent internal project leader to get the job done right. In that case, your vendor should have been candid enough to tell you that your success will be diminished without proper investment and resources.

Oh, sorry. That would mean that they might lose the sale of the software. Keep that in mind…

We’re asking you to consider whether it’s really the software that is your problem when you are seeking to upgrade your ERP solution. Clearly, many cases require and result in an upgrade. But, many upgrades are also unnecessary – and could have been avoided – thereby wasting lots of time and money.

We’re here to help objectively, independently, and without bias. We do NOT sell ERP/accounting software – but we work in this area every day by helping our clients evaluate, upgrade, procure, manage and – optimize it. Call or email me below. Our team is at the ready.