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I’m back with my monthly insight about ERP challenges and successes. We’ve addressed best practices in managing an ERP upgrade, as well as many other topics to build your awareness of the realities in this marketplace. This month we dive into the reality of:

Sharing your information on ERP websites can actually do you a disservice.

Picture this… you are a CFO or Controller, and you’re doing research on ERP solutions that might “fit” your company’s needs. Software websites can be helpful to get a big picture of offerings – yet your research might end up actually hurting your chances of getting your business into the right hands for implementation.

How does this happen? Software websites make it EASY to let you give them your information. They offer Live Chat to communicate directly with sales consultants. They also offer to Call You after you enter your phone number in a text box, or to have you Give Your Email Address in order to get access to a demonstration or white paper.

The risk of giving them information as to who you are (and who your company is) is this: once they have this information, the software publisher now “owns” you, as a prospect, and as such, they (NOT YOU) control who gets to pursue selling and installing their software for you and your company – if you ultimately choose to buy it. Frequently this occurs: the software is a good fit – but the software company or a weak reseller is matched with the prospective buyer for “life”. The buyer often doesn’t know that a better, more savvy and industry-specific implementation firm exists.

By providing your business’ name and your contact information, you can actually lose the opportunity to find the right implementation team for the software you’re possibly going to buy. This can hurt. Why? Because the implementation team is equally as important as the software that you purchase.

Common theme here – the success in ERP comes more from the “little things” – such as vendors listening to needs and being well suited to implement the software specifically for YOUR business.

We recommend you research software to your heart’s content – but know the risks of sharing information too early. And, recall, most reputable ERP software companies won’t give you too much detail about their product’s functionality on their websites anyway.

Want help researching? We’re here to help objectively, independently, and without bias. We do NOT sell ERP/accounting software – but we work in this area every day by helping our clients evaluate, upgrade, procure, manage and – optimize it. Call or email me below. Our team is at the ready.