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CFOs and Controllers often complain about their ERP Software, saying it’s not a good fit, it’s slow, or that they can’t get the kind of reporting they want out of it. Although we are very active with helping clients evaluate and select new software and implementation partners, we urge CFOs and Controllers to consider whether it is the existing software that is the root of the frustrations – or is it the way it was setup and trained-on that is the cause of much angst?

It’s easy to blame the software product for the inefficiencies a business faces with reporting, transaction processing and the like.

However, businesses may be well served by considering that perhaps their ERP product isn’t as bad as they think. Rather, they should consider whether their original implementation vendor did them a disservice by poor configuration and training.

The success in ERP comes from the “little things” – such as the implementation vendors listening to business needs. This can be just as important (or more) as the software being able to competently manage important functional requirements.

Software frustrations can come from so many angles. Some avoidable. For example: Prioritizing a business’ software requirements may not have occurred when the original implementation vendor did an installation. Or, perhaps the software “buyer” didn’t offer up enough of a budget or employ a competent internal project leader to get the job done right. In these cases, the vendor should have been candid enough to communicate that success will be diminished without proper investment and resources.

We’re suggesting that CFO’s and Controllers consider whether it’s the “software” that is the root of their frustrations when seeking to upgrade to a new ERP solution. Clearly, many cases call for an upgrade. But, many upgrades are also unnecessary – and could have been avoided with better planning, management, requirements documentation – as well as the vendor performing proper training, configuration and listening.

The investment in improving the business processes and modifying software configurations of existing software is often far less expensive – and often more efficient and effective – than upgrading to new software.

We’re here to help objectively, independently, and without bias. We do NOT sell ERP/accounting software – but we work in this area every day by helping our clients evaluate, upgrade, procure, manage and optimize it. Call or email me below. Our team of CPA’s and technologists have hands-on business and technology experience – and are ready to help.