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Non Profit Insights

Karen Miessner To Join ‘Risky Business’ Panel

NEW DATE AND TIME!   Our Risky Business Panel: Nonprofit Horror Stories date and time has changed to: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 12pm Envision Consulting HQ *Complimentary - $0 Don't miss out on one of the greatest panels of all time. Hear from Louie Sadd of Datastream...

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Nonprofit Revenue Recognition Webinar

Karen Miessner, Partner, Assurance & Advisory for SingerLewak LLP, will be teaching a class on the new nonprofit revenue recognition guidelines for the CalCPA LA Accounting Principles & Assurance Services Committee (AP/AS) on Thursday 7/26/18. To register...

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SingerLewak Podcast Series

Welcome to SingerLewak's Podcast Library.   We invite you to pick and choose the topics of interest to you.  In this series you will find: Entrepreneurial and Family Owned Business Tax Advisory Insights Nonprofit Update ENTREPRENEURIAL AND FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES...

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Engaging the Board for Better Fundraising Results

Much has been written about the role a board of directors plays in the success of a nonprofit. Certainly everyone can agree that governance is one of those key roles. But when it comes to fundraising, the answer is not as clear... I often hear from management that...

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Nonprofit Does Not Always Equal Non-Taxable

It is easy to assume that entities operating in a tax exempt capacity are free from most, if not all taxes.  In fact, many have a misconception on this issue, as their view of Non Profit entities as tax exempt can and may be incorrect at times.  Although most...

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