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Objective ERP Insights

ERP Project Success – it’s Contagious

How encouraging, really. As often as we run into situations where ERP and technology transformation projects are off to the wrong start, or otherwise screaming for experienced leadership (literally all the time), we rarely encounter a general sense of optimism and...

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ERP Implementations – Know your Corporate Culture

Welcome back to my periodic Objective ERP Insights blog that shares insights and best practices around ERP implementations based on our years of providing objective advisory in this area. Our intention is that these insights are relevant to CEO’s, CFO’s, Controllers,...

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ERP To-Be Requirements, Lewis Carroll, and James Carville

I’m back with another blog/email for financial executives and managers about trends and best practices in ERP and business software – from an independent perspective. Recall – we don’t sell software... In the late 1800’s Lewis Carroll shared this gem:  “If you don’t...

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Change Management Required, Right?

About this time of year, organizations shooting for an ERP upgrade to be “live” by December 31 are finding the process is increasingly stressful on their organizations. That’s par for the course in the upgrade business. It would be intriguing to know what percentage...

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