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Cloud Computing Advisory

Cloud Computing
SingerLewak’s Business Risk and Technology group includes professionals with hands-on experience in helping our clients move from traditional network infrastructures to Cloud-based infrastructures – only when appropriate and for reasons that make business sense – thereby reducing the risks of locally managed and locally housed information, among other benefits. We call this “Out of the Box – and Into the Cloud.”

Out of the Box and into the Cloud

SingerLewak’s systems advisory team is known to think “out of the box.” This has benefitted our clients in many areas – including when we successfully migrate client networks “into the cloud.” By doing so, clients achieve rapid ROI, cost savings, I.T. staff reductions and a more favorable risk profile than they had before.

The “before” typically looks like this: cost-draining, office space-hogging, I.T. personnel-heavy network infrastructure that seems to be less effective and even less reliable as time moves on. After careful planning, SingerLewak’s system team helps select the right Cloud Computing vendor(s) and oversees the migration of data and programs to the Cloud vendor – who ultimately provides all help desk support and disaster recovery, to boot. This leaves the client network much more scalable, robust, and – as Cloud dictates – available anytime, anywhere.

Networks should be a utility – not a headache! Contact us if you’d like to discuss.

Our Service Approach for the Cloud

SingerLewak Business Risk & Technology Service professionals offer Cloud Computing-specific advisory services, including:

  • Cloud Adoption Assessment: Are you ready for cloud computing and is it ready for you? Assess readiness and capabilities – and then build an I.T. Plan that includes Cloud, where appropriate for each company
  • Connect with anything: It is our goal that our clients take advantage of the benefit that Cloud offers in terms of anytime, anywhere, any-device computing
  • Cloud software and vendor evaluation and selection: we help you pick the right software and vendor to make your Cloud software investment a lasting one. We specialize in helping draft requirements, solicit suitable vendors, and support our clients in their Cloud decision making and implementation project leadership

What We Bring to the Table

By having the requisite skills to focus on IT and IT Effectiveness, we get you out of the I.T. business and allow you to re-focus on your core business.

SingerLewak’s systems advisors have years of technology, finance, and leadership experience, and understand what makes a growing business work. We always think about the “what if’s.” Our intense focus on our clients’ core business ensures that the solutions we provide will transform them to operate more effectively and efficiently.

We’re with you for the long haul and help to transform technology into peace of mind.