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Specialty Tax

Specialty Tax

State & Local Taxes

State and local taxes can considerably impact a company’s cash flow, effective tax rate and risk profile if not evaluated on a regular basis. Our team of expert state and local tax professionals have the technical knowledge and understanding to assess your Company’s tax profile accurately and effectively. Our team’s wealth of knowledge can efficiently assess your company’s situation

• Comprehensive review of your Company’s tax position,
• Risk analysis to assess potential issues and opportunities,
• Planning opportunities to manage future growth and mitigate taxes

It is our goal to evaluate and make the appropriate recommendations pertaining to your unique situation.

Business Incentives And Credits

  • Multi-State Tax Credits and Incentives Reviews
  • Worker’s Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Research and Development
  • New Employment Credit
  • California Competes Tax Credit
  • Section 199 Studies – DPAD (Domestic Production Activity Deduction)
  • IC-DISC (Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation)

Sales Tax

  • Transaction Support and Research
  • Sales Tax Audits and Appeals
  • Refund Reviews
  • Compliance Review
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA)
  • Nexus Studies

State Income Tax

  • State Tax Planning and Research
  • Compliance Review
  • Tax Recovery Services
  • State Tax Audits and Appeals
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
  • Nexus Studies

Property Tax

  • Property Tax Compliance/Reporting
  • Assets Valuation and Classification
  • Communications with State, County and City Property Tax Assessor Offices
  • Appeals

Unclaimed Property

  • Payment/Payables Analysis
  • Internal Process/Compliance Review


Our Procedure

Specialty Tax Procedures and Process

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